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Empowering our Members to maintain brain health, emotional freedom and optimal performance across the lifespan.

Our clients can be empowered to make changes in lifestyle, nutrition, and mindset, thereby creating the optimal conditions for recovery.

The Brain is capable of amazing healing from almost any insult, injury, or experience.

That non-pharmaceutical, cutting edge technologies like neuromodulation and neurofeedback can speed that recovery.

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The brain constantly reshapes and rewires itself based upon its experiences….it’s called neuroplasticity.  Neurotherapy harnesses the power of neuroplasticity by tailoring specific brain exercise and brain stimulation to address your brain’s unique strengths and weaknesses.  Neurofeedback is individually prescribed EEG brain exercise.  Through a computer interface, your brain is given a digital mirror of its own activity, and learns how to correct patterns of over or under activation.  Neuromodulation is brain stimulation that can increase the body’s production of its own neurotransmitters, increase cerebral blood flow, increase cellular metabolism and encourage repair.  Neuromodulation can be delivered by neuro-acoustically modified sound, infared light, microcurrent electrical stimulation, or pulsed electromagnetic frequencies.  All these therapies are FDA cleared, non-invasive and with minimal side effects.  Your neurotherapy is individually prescribed based upon neurocognitive brain function testing and a quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG).


There is hope for real change, and we have the expertise and tools to create change, not just cope.