“If you are considering Neurotherapy- Go for it! Every session has improved my life. Before coming to BrainBuilders I had severe headaches, balance issues and was not able to do activities I enjoyed because of a concussion and injuries I sustained after a motorcycle accident. After Neurofeedback Therapy, infrared on my head, and alpha-stim on my knee and back I am happier than ever! I have much less fatigue and I can also think, read, and figure things out without getting a headache. I haven’t been able to build models, or do other activities I enjoyed for over a year, but now I can!”

Ian Bird 

“I came to BrainBuilders seeking treatment for depression. I had tried everything with no success. Antidepressants were ineffective, I was hospitalized multiple times and even Electric Shock Therapy was Unsuccessful. Dr. Roberts treated me with talk therapy and Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. Since seeking treatment from Dr. Roberts my self-esteem has improved and have not experienced a major depressive episode in months. This is the only thing I have found that has worked for me. I also like that it is non-invasive.”

-Sue K

“I came to BrainBuilders seeking treatment for PTSD and Pain. I had depression, anxiety and would have recurrent nightmares. I also experienced severe pain. I was unable to stand for more than 15 minutes and house chores took all day. Pain medication would help but I couldn’t take it for more than three days at a time because of the negative side effects. Dr. Roberts had me do Vielight- Alpha-Stim. It was painless and it worked! I thought I would live the rest of my life having nightmares and waiting for something bad to happen. Now I’m sleeping through the night. My pain was daily and I found myself not wanting to move. Now I can go all day without pain. Neurotherapy worked for me!”

“Jackie” Gayle Jackson 

“My son was experiencing anxiety and depression and he talked about suicide. I never accepted that a diagnosis like autism spectrum meant improvement couldn’t happen. Before BrainBuilders he was experiencing major social issues, anxiety and not enjoying his childhood like he should. We had tried supplements to support brain health and chiropractic care but this was not enough. He did Neurofeedback training with Dr. Roberts and the Neuro-acoustic listening Program.  Since Neurotherapy he is happier, more relaxed, chatty, has improved eye contact, sensory stimulation, and is better regulated overall, participating so much more socially with peers and adults. 

Absolutely consider this great option. And when you notice the improvements, keep it to yourself as the stark improvements will be noticed by others about you will hear about it!” 

Jenny L. (Mother)